3 favorite:

  1. Finger Painting- I really enjoyed finger painting because I have never done it before, In my opinion it was really fun because I had no idea what the outcome was going to look like so it kept me working.
  2. Flip book- The flip book was so amazing to make.
  3. Automatic Drawing- the automatic drawing was so interesting because once again I knew what I wanted to draw but I din’t know how the outcome was going to look.

3 least favorite:

1.The wedge- I didn’t like it because it wasn’t really much of an art project.

2. Grafitti Painting -the graffiti paining gin my opinion was really hard for me to do so I couldn’t enjoy it too much.

3. Plaster Casting- The plaster casting was fun but I got very frustrated with it.


In my opinion I think Slack and WordPress were very helpful and easy to use. It was easier to communicate with the class and that is basically what your class is about. Like always when you go to a new class and hear you have to use a new website and sign in, I automatically think negative thoughts but once I had everything set up it worked out better than ever! I would say keep it for the years to come ahead.