1st life- I want to be a sports agent whenI grow up so I am working towards that as I am taking communication, law and business classes to work on that degree. I think I will be able to make good money when it comes to this job and I need to start by networking. So I conducted an interview on my cousins agent for baseball.

-I asked him “ What is it like being an agent”?

He responded by saying” It is very interesting because you are your own boss so none can tell you what to do or how to do it, It is very nerve wracking because clients leave in a heartbeat, but you cant make great money from each prospect if you really want it” ….” There are times I don’t make money for a month and other times I make 50,000 in a month so it is very nerve wracking”

I think this is great information to know before I head out to my field.

2nd Life- I want to be a real estate agent if my first plan doesn’t work out. I have always been interested in real estate, especially nice one of course. It is very hard to get a job in real estate and move up because the big dogs already have the clients and personal you are looking for. But if you can make your way up to the top I think it would be a great job and you can even find a house for a great price for you and your family.

3rd life- If it didn’t involve the money I would want to be a 3rd grade teacher because I love little kids. Although I want to make a lot of money so I don’t plan on doing this.

PRACTICE- I have great practice in this actually because my mom is a teacher and sometime I look over her class while she is gone so I have became very close to the students and it makes me want to go ahead and do that career, but it isn’t in my best interest.




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