This week’s art experience was amazing and to be honest I didn’t even know we had a japanese garden on campus.  To start off I am not a good artist at all, although down the exercise drawing something 10 times made me a lot better on the one thing I was drawing. I decided to try and draw the little brown wooden thing you can stand on right behind the pond to the right. It has a little umbrella taking care of the sun for the people inside the gardens. It was really hard to draw something like that and even though it isn’t great, I still surprised myself.


The next thing I drew was the 5-10 minute drawing and I drew the whole pond for the most part. It is really hard for me to draw lily’s and flowers so that was a tough start. I do not think it is that bad because I think I got the whole picture of the pond and its details, although drawing fish will never be a success for me. Also, drawing my hand without looking at the paper was very fun! My picture didn’t really look like a hand too much but I want to try it again for better results.



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