Exhibition: Landscape and Framing

Media: Paint, art materials, Canvas

Gallery: CSULB School of art Dutzi Gallery

Laura Lopez currently goes to school at CSULB. She plans on continuing her education until she graduates and says whatever she does will involve art in some way.

The project that Laura made was very interesting and beautiful to look at. I think the way she made the colors become patters is amazing, and however she thought of this project was a very good idea.

In her project Laura examines the intelligence of nature and what is has to offer. The patterns of growth in the art represent are the beauty and the wisdom of nature. The way she shows it is so amazing, and it is one of the nicest pieces of art i’ve seen this semester. The growth in the forests of nature basically symbolize how the patterns in the art come across each other. I think this project has helped me understand what can be made from the most simple pictures. It is not about what you start with it’s about what you have in mind and how you conduct your project to make it that way.¬†IMG_6560.JPG


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