When I first found out about the experience I thought it was going to be boring as heck, although I wasn’t I was about to have a great time. I expected there to be nothing to do and the night would take forever to plan out. I personally thought it was easy and It didn’t seem like it took along time or feel like the time was going by slow. I liked it because I wasn’t always worrying about different apps on my phone. It made me sleep at a decent time because I didn’t stay awake that extra hour to be on my phone checking things out before I go to sleep. Being without electricity is more organic in my opinion because you aren’t always inside you are out with nature for the most part, we didn’t start with phones because it isn’t supposed to be like this. I think it is limited because the internet offers more things to do and other links, but I would say i’m sure I would get bored of no electricity after a while. Finally, when it comes to my life activity I plan it to be very detailed with things important to me in my lifetime.  I did it at a baseball field with my friends and we kind of just sat and hung out and looked at the sky. The experience was very cool and I hope to do it again someday although I doubt many people will want to do it with me.




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