Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition:Landscape & Framing

Media: Paint materials, canvas, installation

Gallery: CSULB School of art Dutzi Gallery

Alice currently graduates in the spring. She currently is thinking about wanting to teach with her art degree and definitely plans to keep on painting and doing art, She stated no matter what art will always be involved heavily in her life.

The project she put together is one of the most interesting art projects I have ever seen. It had so much detail it took me a while to figure out the midst of it but once I did I realized how amazing it is. The art is amazing and how she was able to basically create a “new realm” within her landscapes was very cool.

In Alice’s project it shows how the ideologies of a certain group involved with a landscape gives off their ideologies just by painting. We are able to look at it through the safety of our picture frame as she puts it but it may not always be this way. I think the bright colors give off the effect to be able to look at it in a new free way which is very interesting to me.

This project has shown me how to look deeper into art projects. When I first entered the art gallery I thought the paintings were just literal art with bright colors, but no it had much more meaning than that. I must say that this project is such an amazing piece of art because how detailed it is, even the artist description. The artist was able to create how a landscape is framed reveals the ideologies of a culture.


IMG_6484.JPG            IMG_6485.JPG


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