What I will be changing in the Wedge that meets the road is I would add a little more space to design two pathways by bringing the plants 10-15 feet backwards and make a circular pattern instead of a square to reduce the size a bit. It will be way better for foot trafficking and I even think the circular pattern would look even better than it does now, giving access to 10 more feet.

In reality there are not many trade-offs because I am not really taking away any plants or anything, I am just making more room for students because that’s what the schools holds most. I decided this would be the best way because I first thought about how the trade-offs were a huge factor so I tried to make a design to eliminate any negative trade off factors, by really not changing much. In a year from now there is now doubt in my mind students that attended CSULB will give me a statue somewhere on campus because everyone hates that spot. They will like the spot way more because more access will be provided authorizing less people bumping into each other.





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