Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: More than a Sandbox 

Media: Ceramics,sand, screen projection ,palm trees, chair

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Waters is currently a senior @csulb and although she is sad about leaving, she knows she will be back plenty of times.Brittany will be graduating on may 26th.  She didn’t grow up around long beach and she was born and raised in sacramento. When she moved down to long beach she was very intrigued by the way beaches looked and the nature of them.

Water’s project is immaculate, I have’t seen such an amazing project in quite a while. The lawn chair, the water being projected and especially the sand was a great touch . The time she put in really shows. She took over2 hours for the making of each of the turtle’s and I would say there is over 100! The scene showing the turtle’s running back to the water really indicated the message she was trying to give off.

In Brittany’s project, More than a Sandbox, she is basically giving off the message that these cute little turtles are endangered species and we need to look out for ways to keep them alive, by cleaning up beaches and such.

For me, she really brings the problem to life and really got me thinking. I really like the turtles running back to the water. The turtles look great and I think it works even better because there are so many, so I think the extra time was worth it. I would say this is my favorite artist project by far because no other art projects this year bring the problem to life like Brittany’s did!





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