This weeks graffiti painting for me was actually not to easy, although it was fun and very funny. I couldn’t seem to figure out how to make all my letters around the same size and font, and then the colors I first arrived with weren’t my favorite so I had to switch. I really liked this weeks activity, as a kid I must say I was always drawing bubble letters no matter what I was doing when I was in school. I guess my talent faded away over time. Back in the day I was a lot better than I am at it today. Whether I was doing math or english I was always drawing my name with bubble letters on the top of the paper. This is what I came up with.

… Image-1Image-1

Next, Venice Beach. This was the first time I have went to venice beach in a very long time considering I live over 2 hours away, but it was so beautiful that I plan on going again by the end of the month! So I went to the venice skate park around 2:30 pm, hoping I could just borrow a kids skateboard and take a quick picture but that wasn’t the case. These kids skateboarding were so good, they were flying in and out of the skate bowls and I felt like I was going to get hurt so I decided to just take a picture of me in front of the skate park



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