David DeSantis was the artist I got to interview for this weeks artist conversation. He is a very cool guy and to start off if you want to see some more of his art inspiration check him out on Instagram @rapturefineart. He currently goes to school @CSULB and plans on going to grad school after he graduates, maybe not right away though. Screen printing wasn’t always in his mind actually, even though I must say his art looks like it has been. When he first went to school @csulb he was introduced to the screen printing room and decided he should take a screen printing class so he actually deleted his art class from his schedule and picked up a screen printing class. He said even if he doesn’t work with art as his career when he gets older, he will always have the creative side to make things. He is very interested in making com designs and things like that for motorcycles and such. But enough of David because I think his art will keep you more interested. Keep in mind while he does these different projects, he tends to like to listen to music while he is working. The two photos I choose below are so interesting and looks like so much work had been put into them. I have never been more intrigued with a artists work!Image-1 2.jpg



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