The finger painting experience was very awesome although it isn’t my first time doing it. I have always been interested in using colors and combining them to make beautiful creations. This time I decided to use yellow, blue, green and orange. The project was as hard/easy as I thought it was going to be because i’ve done it before.  The painting looked different so many times and I couldn’t tell when to stop! Painting without a subject is very cool because unlike most projects, you start without an idea and most of the time it comes out amazing and very unique. It was very inspiring for me because it taught me that art doesn’t need to always have a certain projected outcome and it inspired me to try other art projects without starting with an idea of how the outcome would look. The painting compares to other paintings as similar in my eyes because even though they had an idea of the outcome, they used colors and materials to work together to provide something unique like mine.




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