The artist to this inspiring piece goes by the name Joshua Tomokazu Thomen. He is currently  student @CSULB and in my eyes made a very nice art piece that seems to be very deep in meaning.

The project is basically a set of blocks of concrete set up in a diagonal and horizontal way. Each block on concrete had a cute little ceramic figure, like cute little animals and such. Each block seems to have a different ceramic figure. When I first walked into the room I was very confused and took me quite some time to figure out the project.

The project in my words is about the way people live in america today. I think the artist believes these ceramic figures are basically living people. Each figure represents someone in america and even though we claim to be free, we are trapped in this little box that not many people seem to get out of. I really like this piece because it had me thinking a lot and I love art that can make me think.



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