Artist: Josh Vasquez

Josh is working toward an art degree at CSULB. For this piece, he decided to mix Los Angeles sunsets with his personal affinity with graffiti. He has personally been working on this project of a couple months now trying to receive very minimal feedback which I thought was very cool.

I was intriuged by all the different combinations of colors and how he was able to create different looks with the same sorts of colors. Since he loved the way La sunsets came about he decided to come up with the phrase “I love the way you sleep.” I thought it was very cool how he brought together two completely different topics and made it one. Also, like I stated before it was amazing because he was able to make so many different paintings of art from different locations in Los angeles. I have never thought about doing anything in that sense and it made it very interesting to think what I can be able to make as well.










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