The ACP I made was for my grandmother Marie conlon. I wanted to send her a couple things thats I thought would interest her and the ACP is a great way to do so. I put in there the design for my new clothing company because I thought she would like it, a concert ticket, a page of a book that caused me not to receive a refund on the book (which hopefully she will pay for) and just a random drawing I found in my notebook. This is just like sending a snapchat because I would send someone a picture of my drawing through snapchat just like this. Although it is also different because I think it shows and has more meaning to it. I believe ephemera is awesome because it brings back memories and stories of the past. I think saving those things are great to show your generation of family. I think the ACP is very similar to the art in galleries because it all represents the same meaning and emotion given off whether how many people see it. Like I said before I think the ACP through the mail represents more effort and emotion compared to regular snapchats because of the time frame. It’s better to get the message around faster but worse because people don’t take time to appreciate it because it gets disappeared right away. I think the ACP creates a whole different level compared to a snapchat because it is more sentimental and is actual items that was once in your hands. I really enjoyed creating my personal ACP.



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