Artist conversation: Mimi Haddon

She has a masters in Fiber Arts

The artist tends to like to put material things together to form intuitive patterns and designs which helped her create the t-shirt masterpiece.She said she likes to put things together that makes art that aren’t art related.She is basically following the footsteps of the Ghanian sculptor, El Anastui.

When she first started her project, over 1 year ago, she started with just 100 t-shirts and as the art came more and more alive later down the stretch, she ended up with  300 t-shirts. She starts by putting the t-shirts into certain styles regarding color scheme’s and things of that sort trying to make them into organic forms. She then designed this by grabbing pieces from each shirt, cutting designs and creating the masterpiece.

The work is a long stretch of t-shirts mix and matched together to create a long row of shirts surrounded by a circle of t-shirts as well. The art is about putting random scrapes of t-shirts to use by making a vibrant piece using only t-shirts which was amazing to me. I think she started by just trying to put together old t-shirts and realized she could actually make something nice out of it, kept going with it as I mentioned before took her over a year, and just ran with the idea.

My experience was a very cool one. I have never really looked at art much and especially not in a art gallery. It was interesting because it really made me think about each piece of art and made me think what the point or purpose of the piece is. I think it is hard for me to understand what the artists are trying to show when I first see the art, but I assume that will get better as the time goes on.




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