Wk. 12 Ethnography

When I first found out about the experience I thought it was going to be boring as heck, although I wasn’t I was about to have a great time. I expected there to be nothing to do and the night would take forever to plan out. I personally thought it was easy and It didn’t seem like it took along time or feel like the time was going by slow. I liked it because I wasn’t always worrying about different apps on my phone. It made me sleep at a decent time because I didn’t stay awake that extra hour to be on my phone checking things out before I go to sleep. Being without electricity is more organic in my opinion because you aren’t always inside you are out with nature for the most part, we didn’t start with phones because it isn’t supposed to be like this. I think it is limited because the internet offers more things to do and other links, but I would say i’m sure I would get bored of no electricity after a while. Finally, when it comes to my life activity I plan it to be very detailed with things important to me in my lifetime.  I did it at a baseball field with my friends and we kind of just sat and hung out and looked at the sky. The experience was very cool and I hope to do it again someday although I doubt many people will want to do it with me.



Wk. 12 Artist Conversation

Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition:Landscape & Framing

Media: Paint materials, canvas, installation

Gallery: CSULB School of art Dutzi Gallery

Alice currently graduates in the spring. She currently is thinking about wanting to teach with her art degree and definitely plans to keep on painting and doing art, She stated no matter what art will always be involved heavily in her life.

The project she put together is one of the most interesting art projects I have ever seen. It had so much detail it took me a while to figure out the midst of it but once I did I realized how amazing it is. The art is amazing and how she was able to basically create a “new realm” within her landscapes was very cool.

In Alice’s project it shows how the ideologies of a certain group involved with a landscape gives off their ideologies just by painting. We are able to look at it through the safety of our picture frame as she puts it but it may not always be this way. I think the bright colors give off the effect to be able to look at it in a new free way which is very interesting to me.

This project has shown me how to look deeper into art projects. When I first entered the art gallery I thought the paintings were just literal art with bright colors, but no it had much more meaning than that. I must say that this project is such an amazing piece of art because how detailed it is, even the artist description. The artist was able to create how a landscape is framed reveals the ideologies of a culture.


IMG_6484.JPG            IMG_6485.JPG

Wk.10 – The Wedge

What I will be changing in the Wedge that meets the road is I would add a little more space to design two pathways by bringing the plants 10-15 feet backwards and make a circular pattern instead of a square to reduce the size a bit. It will be way better for foot trafficking and I even think the circular pattern would look even better than it does now, giving access to 10 more feet.

In reality there are not many trade-offs because I am not really taking away any plants or anything, I am just making more room for students because that’s what the schools holds most. I decided this would be the best way because I first thought about how the trade-offs were a huge factor so I tried to make a design to eliminate any negative trade off factors, by really not changing much. In a year from now there is now doubt in my mind students that attended CSULB will give me a statue somewhere on campus because everyone hates that spot. They will like the spot way more because more access will be provided authorizing less people bumping into each other.




Wk. 10 -Artist Interview- Brittany Waters

Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: More than a Sandbox 

Media: Ceramics,sand, screen projection ,palm trees, chair

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Waters is currently a senior @csulb and although she is sad about leaving, she knows she will be back plenty of times.Brittany will be graduating on may 26th.  She didn’t grow up around long beach and she was born and raised in sacramento. When she moved down to long beach she was very intrigued by the way beaches looked and the nature of them.

Water’s project is immaculate, I have’t seen such an amazing project in quite a while. The lawn chair, the water being projected and especially the sand was a great touch . The time she put in really shows. She took over2 hours for the making of each of the turtle’s and I would say there is over 100! The scene showing the turtle’s running back to the water really indicated the message she was trying to give off.

In Brittany’s project, More than a Sandbox, she is basically giving off the message that these cute little turtles are endangered species and we need to look out for ways to keep them alive, by cleaning up beaches and such.

For me, she really brings the problem to life and really got me thinking. I really like the turtles running back to the water. The turtles look great and I think it works even better because there are so many, so I think the extra time was worth it. I would say this is my favorite artist project by far because no other art projects this year bring the problem to life like Brittany’s did!




Wk. 9 Artist Conversation

David DeSantis was the artist I got to interview for this weeks artist conversation. He is a very cool guy and to start off if you want to see some more of his art inspiration check him out on Instagram @rapturefineart. He currently goes to school @CSULB and plans on going to grad school after he graduates, maybe not right away though. Screen printing wasn’t always in his mind actually, even though I must say his art looks like it has been. When he first went to school @csulb he was introduced to the screen printing room and decided he should take a screen printing class so he actually deleted his art class from his schedule and picked up a screen printing class. He said even if he doesn’t work with art as his career when he gets older, he will always have the creative side to make things. He is very interested in making com designs and things like that for motorcycles and such. But enough of David because I think his art will keep you more interested. Keep in mind while he does these different projects, he tends to like to listen to music while he is working. The two photos I choose below are so interesting and looks like so much work had been put into them. I have never been more intrigued with a artists work!Image-1 2.jpg


Wk. 9 Grafitti Painting & Venice Beach

This weeks graffiti painting for me was actually not to easy, although it was fun and very funny. I couldn’t seem to figure out how to make all my letters around the same size and font, and then the colors I first arrived with weren’t my favorite so I had to switch. I really liked this weeks activity, as a kid I must say I was always drawing bubble letters no matter what I was doing when I was in school. I guess my talent faded away over time. Back in the day I was a lot better than I am at it today. Whether I was doing math or english I was always drawing my name with bubble letters on the top of the paper. This is what I came up with.

… Image-1Image-1

Next, Venice Beach. This was the first time I have went to venice beach in a very long time considering I live over 2 hours away, but it was so beautiful that I plan on going again by the end of the month! So I went to the venice skate park around 2:30 pm, hoping I could just borrow a kids skateboard and take a quick picture but that wasn’t the case. These kids skateboarding were so good, they were flying in and out of the skate bowls and I felt like I was going to get hurt so I decided to just take a picture of me in front of the skate park


Wk. 8 Finger Painting

The finger painting experience was very awesome although it isn’t my first time doing it. I have always been interested in using colors and combining them to make beautiful creations. This time I decided to use yellow, blue, green and orange. The project was as hard/easy as I thought it was going to be because i’ve done it before.  The painting looked different so many times and I couldn’t tell when to stop! Painting without a subject is very cool because unlike most projects, you start without an idea and most of the time it comes out amazing and very unique. It was very inspiring for me because it taught me that art doesn’t need to always have a certain projected outcome and it inspired me to try other art projects without starting with an idea of how the outcome would look. The painting compares to other paintings as similar in my eyes because even though they had an idea of the outcome, they used colors and materials to work together to provide something unique like mine.



Wk. 7 Classmate Conversation

Due to unfortunately arriving a little late to the art galleries to meet up for a classmate conversation, I was unable to grab a new partner because everyone already had one. Although, I discussed more with my first classmate conversation partner and I thought I could share more about him. Nate Livingston, like I said in an earlier blog post grew up only 15 minutes from Long Beach. I learned that he is in the Sigma Pi fraternity at CSULB. He described he also has a brother that goes to school and CSULB and plans to work with him in accounting after they graduate college with a job they already have set up. He loves art and I am glad I have learned more about him as the weeks have passed on.

Wk. 7 Artist Conversation

Juliana Bustillo & Tidawhitney Lek

Drawing & Painting art major
Werby Gallery

This weeks artist convo was very cool, Juliana was a very nice girl and is a great artist! Although I wasn’t able to meet the other artist involved. She plans on going to grad school after living and growing up at Long Beach. She always has been told she has had some sort of artistic abilities so she went for it. She attended Wilson High School. The project is very deep it really had me interested about how performance between the creator and the created, basically posing of power and control. They offered a link to their Instagram which was really cool because they had me scrolling through the photos on by one. Creating the dimensional space using only black and white really helped show the point they were trying to make in my opinion.






Wk. 6 Flip book

This week’s flip book was really cool to me because we had to be very creative to come up with my own themed flip book. After trying for countless minutes trying to figure out a topic I finally found my idea when I stumbled upon this idea. I made “the happy meal” which is a series of separate pages of different kinds of foods with happy faces on them. I started off with a pizza slice which was funny and I think it looks pretty cool. I then went on and did a happy hamburger as well as the happy spaghetti because those are my favorite foods. I think it was very fun and a easy assignment. Once again, I had a great time doing this weeks art project.